Vegan Emergency Snack Kit

How to build your own on the go vegan emergency snack kit!

Let’s just cut to the chase. I am ALWAYS hungry. So, I thought it would be a great idea to put together a post about how I snack on the go and what my emergency snack kit looks like. Things I keep in my purse, things I take on road trips or airplanes, even hiking  and things that my 4 year old enjoys as well. Frankly, she is always hungry too. When I get hangry, everyone better get out of my way. So, I found that it was really, really important for me to have snacks with me at all times. I have gotten quite a few emails about what I snack on, on the go, without breaking the bank. All of the emergency snack kit I am about to show you cost $18. It will also last me for quite a while. 

First off, in my emergency snack kit are these GoMacro Bars! Not only are they delicious, they are protein filled and keep me full for a long time. They are definitely there whenever I get so hungry I feel like I am going to destroy the planet! They fit nicely in my purse, or any bag! Obviously, they are plant based, but they are also gluten free! Which covers pretty much everyone. My brother is a vegan and has Celiacs Disease, making these GoMacro Bars perfect for him! They are also soy free for all my soy sensitive friends(I have a lot of them) and the answer to the question I always get about how you can get extra protein without soy! The peanut butter chocolate chip bars are my favorite! Click Here to shop their other flavors!

Next, we have these vegan jerky sticks from Primal! These are the best on the go! They have 10 grams of protein, they are rather low calorie and rather filling at the same time! There are some other vegan jerky brands I like, but I really love the strips to take on the go. They fit almost anywhere, and I take them hiking frequently! My vegetarian daughter and omnivore husband love them too! My favorite flavor is the Teriyaki! Other jerky brands I like are Louisville Vegan Jerky Company and Lightlife Smart Jerky

Then we have these bad boys! The answer to your cheesy vegan cracker dilemma! All those cravings I have are solved with these crackers! Crispy and crunchy, I just pack sandwich bags of these and put them in every bag I carry. My daughter loves them too, so when she proclaims ” I’m starving to death.” I am ready!

Now we have some GORP! Good old raisins and peanuts(or whatever nut you want). These are easy to throw together, high in protein, filling and have that amazing sweet and salty thing going on. Which let’s be honest we all need sometimes. However, the thing about this combination is there is no added sugar, at least in most raisins! I get my nuts and dried fruit from Trader Joe’s and they are incredibly cheap. Switch it up and do some freeze dried strawberries and peanuts to give it that PB&J feel! Or maybe dried blueberries and almonds? The possibilities are endless! Throw them in a sandwich bag and you are good for the day!

Last, but not least, these vegan gummies! I crave sour candy sometimes, and this is perfect to get me through those days! Little bags are cheap and fit easily anywhere, and there are several brands you don’t need to feel bad about!( well, you don’t need to feel bad about anything)  These are the Surf Sweets brand, and not only are they vegan, they contain 100% of your daily vitamin C recommendation! Have no artificial sweeteners or coloring and are delish! Other brands I enjoy are Annie’s Bunny Fruits Snacks, and Trader Joe’s Scandinavian Swimmers

I really hope this was helpful and informative! There are so many great options out there for vegans now to help you build your own emergency snack kit, even if you are on a strict budget! These are just some guidelines and ideas, there are many other brands and many other options! If you have any questions definitely let me know! I love to help people stay on their cruelty free journey!







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