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Vegan Thanksgiving Round Up

The Ultimate Vegan Thanksgiving Round-up to convince even the biggest skeptic! 

I’m sure you guys knew I had your back for all your vegan holiday needs. I’ve got breakfasts to serve to squatters taking over your home. I have appetizers, mains and sides. Then, of course some super awesome desserts for you! All of which NO ONE will know is vegan. Don’t even tell them. This also alleviates you having to explain for the 300th time to Great Aunt Vera why you don’t eat meat. 

We will start as all good days do, with awesome vegan BREAKFAST: 

Vegan Apple Pie BreadSuper quick and easy, serve with vegan butter and or maple syrup. So good and feeds a crowd!

Vegan Fennel and Apple Breakfast Sausages are super easy and taste like eating Fall. They are made with tempeh and are gluten free!

Followed by super delicious APPETIZERS:

This Vegan Beer Cheese Dip is the perfect appetizer! Stays melty for a long time, and it can be reheated as needed!

Next, serve these amazing Vegan Savory Spinach and Artichoke Rolls! They are simple and totally delicious! 

Then dig into your MAIN DISHES:

This Vegan Lentil Salisbury Steak is full of protein and so damn delicious. It will be the perfect center piece for any holiday table! 

This super easy and quick Vegan Apple Cider Maple Glazed Tofu will replace any meat with class and amazing flavor!

And of course no good meal is complete without SIDE DISHES:

Need a recipe for the creamiest, dreamiest most flavorful mashed potatoes ever? These Vegan Garlic Ranch Mashed Potatoes have you covered! 

Vegan Chili Lime Fried Brussel Sprouts are a definite must for all your side dish needs! I like to serve mine communal style with a dipping sauce!

Last, but certainly not least, DESSERTS:

My favorite dessert is this Vegan Dark Chocolate Pretzel Pecan Pie! I make mine gluten free with gluten free pretzels, and it is to die for! 

This Vegan Sweet Potato Maple Bourbon Cake is also at the top of my list! Moist, fluffy and perfect in every way! 

Take a deep breath, you’ve got this. These are all super easy recipes that are sure to please everyone, even Great Aunt Vera. They are flavorful, unique, totally doable and VEGAN! I hope you love all these options, and of course enjoy your holiday! 

P.S. I don’t actually have a Great Aunt named Vera, I’m just sure someone does. 


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