About Me

This fancy vegan blogger is classically trained pastry chef. 

Rabbit and Wolves was created in the mind of Lauren Hartmann. She is inspired every day by the beauty and artistry of food. She is obsessed with proving to herself that she can make anything vegan. She is vegan for the animals and the health benefits are just a bonus! Lauren is a rabbit in a life full of wolves, and these recipes will prove that you can create rabbit food that will make even the wolves drool.

The recipes she creates are pretty unique.

Lauren works hard to make sure her comfort food-inspired recipes are a generally new creation. In an effort to not bore her readers with a continuously recycled and trendy dish, she makes damn sure that the ideas that come into her brain haven’t been done before. 

Here’s her process:

STEP 1: Dream up a bada$$ recipe

STEP 2: Search the vast interwebs far and wide (using mostly Google and Pinterest) to make sure a similar recipe does not already exist. If she finds something close to it, she scraps the idea and goes back to the drawing board. 

STEP 3: If all systems are go, she gets to work testing and perfecting the recipe. 

STEP 4: If the recipe is a winner, she prepares it, styles it and does a photo shoot. 

STEP 5: Time to release this little baby recipe out into the world! 

While all of this may sound like a quick, cut-and-dry process, it actually takes quite a bit of time and thought. It’s really important to her that she shares new and inspiring ideas.

She’s promoting healthy food relationships.

One more thing, you will notice that there is no nutritional information for her recipes. There is a reason for that. I promote self love and healthy food relationshipsLauren spent a large part of early adulthood counting calories and definitely not eating enough. This blog is a safe place where have nothing but love and support for everyone. So, every so often, indulge in some vegan comfort food, without worrying! If you really, really need the nutritional information for a recipe, contact her and she will do her best to calculate it for you! 

*Lauren tries very hard to respond to every comment, and message she receives. Please know that she is only human! If you’ve got a question or comment that you feel like hasn’t been seen, please try again!

Thank you for all the support and love!