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The story of Rabbit and Wolves comes from the mind of Lauren Hartmann with assistance from her husband Chris Hartmann. Lauren is a classically trained pastry chef and vegan. She is inspired every day by the beauty and artistry of food. She is obsessed with proving to herself that she can make anything vegan. She is vegan for the animals, the added health benefits are just a bonus! Chris is an omnivore who loves turning all his favorite meaty dishes into plant based deliciousness for his best gal, and their 5 year old daughter Lenore (yes, we are into Edgar Allan Poe). Together they strive to show everyone how easy it is to live cruelty free. Lauren is a rabbit in a life full of wolves, and these recipes will prove you can create rabbit food that will even make wolves drool.

You may also notice that all of Lauren’s recipes are pretty unique. There is a reason for that. Once she dreams of a recipe, she searches on the internet near and far(mostly using Google and Pinterest), to check and make sure no one has made a similar recipe. If she finds that other bloggers have had the same idea, she scraps it. She wants to try as hard as she can to only create original recipes for you! She doesn’t want to copy anyone or bore you! 

P.S. You will notice that there is no nutritional information for my recipes. There is a reason for that! I promote self love and healthy food relationships. I spent a large part of my life counting calories and definitely not eating enough. My blog is a safe place where I only have support and love for everyone. So, every so often, indulge in some vegan comfort food, without worrying! If you really, really need the nutritional information for a recipe, send me an email at lauren@rabbitandwolves.com, and I will do my best to calculate it for you! 

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