Vegan Roasted Garlic and Stout Mac n’ Cheeze

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So here’s the deal, I was looking through some of my mother-in-law’s cookbooks a few months ago and came across an Irish pub food book. It had a recipe for a regular of course non-vegan roasted garlic and Stout Mac n cheese and I thought to myself, I can make that vegan. So, I did and it was delicious.


Box of pasta( whatever kind you like, but I used shells)

1 C. Raw cashews( soaked for at least 6 hours)

1 head of garlic( roasted)

3 Tbsp. Nutritional yeast

1/4 C. Veggie broth

1 Tbsp. Yellow mustard

2 tsp. Tumeric

1 Tbsp. Agave

1 bottle of vegan stout ( I used Stockyard)

Salt and pepper to taste


1. Cook pasta according to package.

2. Put stout in a sauce pan and simmer to start reducing.

3. Combine all other sauce ingredients into a blender and blend until super smooth.

4. When sauce is very smooth add to the sauce pan with the stout and whisk to combine. Cook down until thick and reduced about 15 or 20 minutes.

5. Toss with pasta and adjust seasonings to taste. Serve immediately! I ate it with some brussel sprouts and it was ah-maz-ing!


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